Sunday, May 16, 2010

Partying Cowboys and Cowgirls!! Yeehaw!

Reagan's birthday party was so much fun ~ and exciting.... As children were being dropped off by unsuspecting parents, a neighbor stopped by to let us know a baby bear had just been spotted two doors down.  And when a baby bear is spotted -- there is the worry of an over protective mama bear.  Good times!  Luckily, the voices of 10 kindergarten-age kids were enough to scare most off even the wildest of  animals!

We even had a swooping visit by a bald eagle through our trees.  Seems we sparked the interest of him!  Our games consisted of "Lasso the Rocking Horse (with hula hoops)",  Pin the badge on the sheriff, Cowboy pinata and a Stick Horse relay where kids earned their sheriff badges and red bandanas.

Scott was ready to jump in on the fun.  Oh, yeah!  Little did I know that he loves hula hoops.  After a decade of marriage I am still learning!  (Okay, he may kill me once he sees that I blogged this!  He still cracks me up.)   But in the background of this lovely photo of my hottie hubby is the teepee I made for Reagan's birthday.  It is made with old bed sheets and pvc pipes -- and it turned out super cute!  It is such a fun gift... Reagan even slept in it in his room that night.  Like I said before, "Oh to be six years old again!" 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The big 6

Wow.  Hard to believe that six years ago I did not have children.  Saturday mornings were meant to sleep through, I ate when I wanted to ... and I didn't have anyone taking away my Nintendo DS privileges when I raised my voice.  But those were boring days compared to now!  Reagan is 6 tomorrow, and I am feeling sentimental.  Oh, to be six again -- when life was an adventure.  Learning to ride your bike was akin to flying.  The joy of six.  It is a beautiful thing!

His freckles, his vibrant expressions -- he is a gift to my life, and I am so thankful for him! 
Happy Birthing Day, to me!