Saturday, March 6, 2010


Having a little girl after having a boy must have changed the chemical balance in my body. For some reason pink had become an obsession for me. Her room slowly turned from pale green and yellow to ... pink -- nothing else. Oooh! Pink for the walls! Ooooh! Pink curtains! Pink chair! Pink baby bed! This continued until one day I walked into her room and found myself tasting a chalky film in my mouth as if I had just chewed some little pink tablets for an upset tummy. Something had to be done to stop this insanity.

Hello Hancocks of Paducah sale bin!  This sweet little Moda print caught my eye.  With mostly green vines and only a little hint of pink, it may help to add a balance to the oh-so-toot-sweet room.  So what to do with a little bit of fabric ....  (Thoughts like this can keep me up half the night!)
I started up my White Fury (the endearing name I have given my Elna ... that was a bit too old lady of a name for me), and we began to reshape this into something more.

First, I made a mini quilt.  This is hanging on her wall right now instead of keeping a baby doll warm.  I sewed and hand-quilted this in one afternoon.  The free-form doll was an idea I picked up from the book Material Obsession written by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke.  I can't wait to do an entire quilt with these little girls.  It was a lot of fun, and it did not take much time at all.
Next, I made easy curtain tie-backs to breat up the color.  Do you see ... even the binkie in this room was pink!  Nice tack working to hold it back, huh?  Nothing but quality here!

I had a pack of three 8 x 10 thin canvases on which I fused the main vine fabric.  I cut out simple shapes out from my fabric stash -- a butterfly, the letter "K" (for Kaitlyn) and a flower.  After fusing the shapes to the vine print I then Mod-Podged the entire canvas and added a simple pink gingham ribbon to hang them.  Voila -- wall art!  Kaitlyn now says "Mamma, look ... my fluffly!"  (interpretation of two year old language "Cool butterfly, Mom!")

Next on the drawing board, a toddler bed sized quilt!  Oh, all the fun things you can do with a little fabric.  Little by little, pepto room has become a sweet little girl's abode.

Happy sewing!

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