Friday, June 4, 2010

Gaming takes on a new meaning.

On Monday we headed to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, (pronounced Squim).  We brought my mom along to check out some new places in the area.  We saw Kodiak bears, bald eagles, llamas, peacocks... you name it!  This place started out as a farm where the animals used in Disney movies were housed after the filming had ended.  They have pictures of Walt Disney here as well as old movie posters for the many animal movies Disney produced during the 1950's-1970's. 

I thought this guy had such a sweet face.  There is actually another bear beneath him!

This place is like no other ... We bought 3 loaves of wheat bread before driving through so that we could have the all-American experience of feeding such animals as the American bison! 
The highlight of the day was the near heart attack I received.  While my dearest husband was so diligently focusing on taking this amazing photo of this animal standing blocking our way ... (he was actually creating a diversion for his buddy), a HUGE bison had quietly come from the rear to my side of the car.  My window was completely down when I heard a snort coming from my elbow.  As I turned I was greeted by a head in my window with a tongue looking for more bread.  I screamed, jumped and somehow knocked the car our of gear.  My mom, behind me, screamed, too.  I couldn't roll up my window because his head was in the car.  My mom came to the rescue with a quick piece of bread inched out of her cracked window.  Scott deftly moved the car into gear ... and we were able to move away before my arm was mistaken for whole wheat bread.

Everyone had a great laugh at my expense ... even me!


  1. What an awesome place to go and visit!! Your story totally cracked me up too! Those bison are smarter than we think!

  2. I love your story especially since I know everything is, OK. I would have loved to have seen your faces. I am afraid I would have been laughing, also.