Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sailing the High Seas ...

Here is the ferry leaving the Kingston dock heading to Edmonds.  We were able to capture it from a boat!  Our friends invited us along for the opening of sailing season.  Our parade of boats, comprised of the boats from the Kingston yacht club, made a loop down to Jefferson Point to celebrate the opening of boating season.  What a beautiful day!!!

The parade of boats can be seen trailing behind us with the ferry on its own course.  I could definitely get used to this boating thing!  Reagan liked walking around the boat because he thought he was "surfing".  Poor kid, it will be the closest he will get to surfing for awhile...
Doesn't he look like he does this all the time -- the look of confidence and almost boredom?  I wish I could pull off that look.  When I am doing something new I wear a sappy grin like a kid in the candy  store for the first time.

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